Q: Why choose us, The Driving Instructor?

A: The most important decision a Learner can make is the choice of Professional Instructor. Nice websites or clever Driving School names should be the last things to consider. It is the experience, know-how and teaching ability of the Instructor that matters. Our Instructors are fully qualified and hold additional accreditation to most drivers (we’ve also trained other Driving Instructors to obtain their Instructor’s Licence) but our tuition is also fun.

Q: How many lessons will I need to pass the test?

A: Students learn at a different pace. This depends on many factors such as their level of dexterity, relaxed disposition, confidence levels and time spent in between lessons to practice all the technical skills our Instructors teach. We assess where you are at with all of these factors and work on the areas that will speed up the learning process.

Q: When should I take driving lessons?

A: We recommend as soon as possible after you get your licence. It is paramount that the basics be learned professionally, this minimises the risks when practicing with a supervisor who is not trained to teach and does not have the benefit of dual controls. Ideally a few lessons should be completed with one of our Instructors at an early stage, once the basics are in place the objective is to practice as much as possible and get your logbook hours up. Half way through the Learner period we then recommend a few more lessons to fine-tune skills and eliminate bad habits. 2 months prior to the test, lessons should then focus on test procedures and fine-tuning.

Q: My parents are afraid to take me out in the car. What can I do? I can’t get my hours up?

A: We always recommend that a parent sit in at least one of our lessons. We can teach them little skills and offer advice to keep things safe and ensure their teaching is in line with ours. One of the problems we face is the confusion a learner may encounter when training is not kept consistent another is fear from the parent which can stifle the learner’s progress. Parents are welcome to sit in any lesson.

Q: I don’t have a car to take to the test. Does the test center supply a car for the test?

A: No. But we offer not only our cars for the test but a lesson prior to the test to warm up and get rid of any nerves. Testing officers feel safer in our cars.

Our test packages include lessons leading up to test day and on test day our package covers:

  • A 1 hour warmup lesson.
  • 1 hour use of our car during the test and the processing of the Provisional Licence after the test.
  • Half hour drive home.

So relax, let us book your test together and take all the worry out of the Big Test Day!

Q: Do you pick me up from home for a lesson?

A: Yes. Most students start a lesson from home but we can also pick you up and/or drop you off at another location, at work or anywhere within the Trainers allocated area.

Q: I drive an auto vehicle but would like to learn how to drive a manual. Can I do my test in an auto then drive manual when I get my Ps?

A: No. You must sit the test in a manual to drive a manual vehicle on your red Ps. Once you are on your green Ps you are then allowed to drive a manual car. We highly recommend that you take a few lessons if you intend to drive a manual but haven’t sat the test in a manual car.