Automatic or manual? When you’re answering this question, keep in mind that manual cars have a steeper learning curve than automatics for many people. To drive a manual vehicle on your red Ps, you must sit the driving test in a manual.

Why choose an automatic for driving lessons?

Automatic cars offer several advantages over their manual counterparts, making them an attractive option for many learner drivers. Some benefits of choosing automatic car driving lessons include:

  • Easier to learn: With no clutch pedal or manual gearbox to manage, automatic cars allow you to focus solely on steering, accelerating, and braking, making the learning process smoother.
  • Less stressful: Automatic cars eliminate the need to worry about stalling or finding the right gear, reducing stress and increasing your confidence behind the wheel.
  • Better for city driving: Automatic cars are particularly suited for city driving, where stop-start traffic is common. They provide a more comfortable and convenient driving experience in such conditions.

Comprehensive automatic car driving lessons

Our automatic car driving lessons cover all aspects of driving, from basic controls to advanced manoeuvres. Our instructors will guide you through each step, ensuring a thorough understanding of the following elements:

  • Familiarisation with automatic car controls and features
  • Acceleration and braking techniques
  • Steering control and turning
  • Proper use of mirrors and blind spot checks
  • Lane changing and merging
  • Parking (parallel, reverse, and angle)
  • Roundabout navigation
  • Hazard perception and response

Experienced instructors and supportive learning environment

At The Driving Instructor, our team of qualified instructors is dedicated to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment. We adapt our teaching methods to suit your learning style, ensuring optimal progress and a positive experience. Our comprehensive resources, including our FAQs, provide additional support throughout your learning journey.

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