As we age, changes in our vision, motor skills, and reflexes can impact our driving abilities. While plenty of seniors continue to drive safely well into old age, others may benefit from an older driver assessment. 

These professional evaluations help identify any declines that could affect driving safety and provide recommendations to help older drivers maintain their confidence and independence on the road. 

Ageing Is Natural But Safety Is Key

Ageing brings on natural declines in vision, motor skills, strength, and reflexes – all abilities that are key to safe driving. You may notice you have difficulty seeing road signs, reacting quickly, or looking back over your shoulder. While these changes are normal, they can present safety issues for older drivers.

Our assessments identify any declines that could impact your driving abilities. This allows us to provide personalised recommendations to help you compensate and continue driving safely. 

Maintaining your independence and confidence behind the wheel is our top priority. Our assessments also ensure you meet legal requirements to stay on the roads in NSW.

What Our Older Driver Assessments Involve

Our personalised older driver assessments are conducted one-on-one by an instructor who’s specially trained in evaluating senior driving abilities. 

We thoroughly test your visual acuity, cognitive function, reaction time, strength, range of motion, and other physical abilities key to safe driving. This evaluation is followed by a behind-the-wheel driving test and an in-depth review of your driving behaviours and skills. 

The entire assessment is done in your own vehicle for maximum comfort and realism. We also tailor the evaluation to your specific needs and abilities, taking the time to understand your health history and driving habits before making recommendations.

The Benefits

The Driving Instructor’s older driver assessments in NSW provide plenty of advantages:

  • Regain confidence in your driving abilities by identifying areas of strength and weakness. 
  • Develop strategies to safely compensate for any age-related declines that could impact driving.
  • Keep your independence and mobility by making adjustments to continue driving safely.
  • Meet legal requirements to continue driving in NSW. 
  • Receive an unbiased evaluation from an occupational therapy professional.
  • Obtain recommendations on vehicle adaptations if needed, such as larger mirrors or pedal extensions.
  • Inform your family that you are still capable behind the wheel.
  • Get peace of mind knowing you can still drive safely.

Book Your Assessment Now

These evaluations are extremely important for senior drivers to continue driving safely and independently. 

We provide older driver assessments throughout NSW using a personalised approach that evaluates all aspects that relate to your driving ability. In the end, you can walk (or drive) away knowing you are safe behind the wheel. 

Contact our instructors today to schedule your older driver assessment. Regain confidence in your abilities and get recommendations on how to continue using NSW roads safely. 

Don’t lose your independence – get an unbiased assessment of your driving skills and learn how to drive safely while compensating for any age-related declines. Contact us now to get started.